The epitome of All Yiwu Growth: Beginning from the street stalls, a Town prospered for forty Decades

He Haimei, who's in his 60s this season, witnessed the start of the Yiwu marketplace. Afterwards, she conducted to Sanli and marketed the photographs to the"merchandise" that reached the marketplace.

She had been reluctant to be amazed because she had been fearful of being arrested with a"self indulgent" hat. Despite being cautious, He Haimei's product was confiscated.

On this day, she had been in a rush, and she discovered a person in the door of the marketplace. At that moment, Xie Gaohua, secretary of this Yiwu County Party Committee, only caught the straw and instantly ran up to cease and requested: The products we introduced in Shanghai were seized, why Shanghai Can we market, we can not market?

"He did not respond at the moment, just thought to go back and ask" He Haimei recalls very clearly. It did not take long for Yiwu to advertising in one of the most crucial events ever: In September 1982, Yiwu declared the launching of this marketplac…

Foreign media entered Yiwu

Dance with the “standards” to create the country’s first standardized elemental fair. As the first international exhibition in China to embed standardization elements, this year's Yiwu Fair has added many standard elements. In the exhibition, there are “1+1+X” standard exhibition areas, namely, a “standard” theme exhibition area, a “word-made Zhejiang manufacturing” brand theme exhibition area, and X standardization industry demonstration exhibition areas, aiming to lead quality through standardization. Promote and smooth international trade through standardization. In the same period, the 15th China Standardization Forum, SME Standardization (International) Conference and the “Products Labeling” brand results conference will be held. During the exhibition, the State Administration of Markets will award the Zhejiang (Yiwu) National Standards and Technology Evaluation Center, and Trumton, Germany will settle in Yiwu, further promoting Yiwu to become a resource gathering place for t…

Yiwu International Commodities (Standards) Expo

The 24th China Yiwu International Commodities (Standards) Expo (hereinafter referred to as "Yiwu Fair") opened in Yiwu. Founded in 1995, Yibo Fair is an international exhibition of consumer goods approved by the State Council. It has been held for 23 consecutive years and has become the largest, most influential and most effective consumer goods exhibition in China. Accreditation of the International Exhibition Union (UFI). 11 overseas media from 7 countries including "United States News Agency", "Reuters" and "Vietnamese People's Daily" entered Yiwu. The media representatives witnessed the opening ceremony together with the guests.
Since the beginning of this year, the organizer of the Yibo Fair has added the National Standardization Management Committee and changed its name to China Yiwu International Commodities (Standard) Expo. Since then, it has become the first international exhibition in China to incorporate standardized elements. Wit…

Yiwu good Products

Zhao Wenge, Chairman of the Restaurant Group, followed Wang Wenxu, Vice Governor of Zhejiang Province, Chen Gang, member of the Party Committee of the State Administration of Markets, and Lin Yi, Secretary of Yiwu Municipal Party Committee, along with other delegations visited the"Yiwu Good Goods" exhibition region. Fang Xiaojuan, mind of Yiwu China Commodity City Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd., reported that the Principal situation of this"Yiwu Good Goods" exhibition place for the leaders.
The goods of the exhibition cover over 20 big groups and over 1,000 only products. They're some representative products chosen from tens of thousands of working products of this Group's key providers. According to the principle of"conventional priority", the chosen products have federal standards, industry standards or business standards, which satisfy the requirements for immediate entry to the supermarket. The majority of those"Yiwu Good Goods" e…

Zhejiang Yongkang transitional sports products manufacturing base

Equipment City "Yongkang City, Zhejiang Province has actually seen fast growth of the showing off goods making sector over the last few years. Inning accordance with reports, the yearly sales of the showing off items manufacturing industry in the city have actually exceeded RMB 20 billion, which has actually ended up being a new development point. This year, Yongkang City has actually been assigned as the State General Management of Sport. Accepted as a nationwide sporting activities industry presentation base.

Yongkang Hardware is popular. Located in the county-level city of central Zhejiang, the firm has over 10,000 hardware manufacturing firms and is China's biggest equipment product distribution center. The press reporter learned from the interview that Yongkang showing off products producing begun with the very early production of scooters, and progressively increased to fitness equipment, mountain bikes as well as various other item kinds. In recent times, particularly,…

Yiwu's products are small, however the market is large

Yiwu is a small city. Its whole area is small, yet its city capability is undoubtedly big, as well as the market inside it is additionally very large.

Yiwu has the world's largest tiny product trading market, where you could engage in many wholesale goods. What type of tiny commodities do you need? What kind of small asset you can discover. The goods below are really full. It can additionally make you an eye-opener. There are additionally lots of tiny commodities that you have never seen before. People are very unusual.

If you have actually not been to the city of Yiwu market, the success of the tiny asset economy and trade is actually something you can not think of.

There are additionally numerous foreign friends that concern this city in Yiwu to select items and after that sell them to areas where they are needed via trade.

Obviously, there are additionally lots of worldwide brand names. In Yiwu, it is additionally feasible to discover ideal makers for the processing of items. T…

Yiwu and Czech economic as well as trade relationships have actually gotten in the "love duration"

China is the second biggest source of imported items in the Czech Republic. The Czech Republic is China's 2nd biggest trading partner in Central and also Eastern Europe. Chinese companies directly create more than 5,000 jobs in the Czech Republic. The number of Chinese travelers to the Czech Republic maintains boosting by more than 20% time after time. The teamwork in the financial as well as profession field has actually warmed up to bring unlimited possibilities for cooperation and people's wellness to both nations.

In the last few years, Yiwu has been applying to produce "One Belt as well as One Road" pivot cities, constructing a pattern of available to the outside world, and speeding up the building of a globe "little commodities capital." Since November 2014, Yiwu has actually efficiently opened up nine Sino-European Europas, connecting Yiwu with cities along the new Silk Road such as Prague, Madrid as well as Tehran. In December last year, Yiwu City i…